Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Assistance

Registration Fees are payable at the time of registration.

Annual Tuition

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

1 Child

per child

2 Children

2nd enrolled child

3-4 Children

3rd & 4th enrolled child

Annual Fees

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Application Fee

$150 .00

Registration Fee

$200 .00

Payment Options

Tuition payments can be divided over 9 to 12 months. There is a 5% discount on tuition when tuition and fees are paid in full before school starts.

The New Student Fee Structure 2024-2025 document describes the fee structure, Grant and Scholarship application information.

Grants and Financial Assistance

We understand that for some, choosing a private Christian education for their child can become a financial burden. Our church fellowship has a high commitment to Christian education, and it is our desire to do everything possible to provide this for families who value it. While tuition is set based on the actual cost of the education of a student for the academic year, numerous grants and scholarships are available for those enrolling in our K-8th grade program. Please see the process for applying, below.

Once a student has received an acceptance letter, they can apply for need-based financial assistance. Students cannot apply until they have received their acceptance letter. Families must complete the necessary information at Facts Management gives us a non-biased view of a family’s financial situation.

It is very important that these dates are met. Once all paperwork is complete and the family has been contacted regarding any assistance given, tuition payment plans will be worked out. Families who receive need-based grants cannot receive any additional discounts on fees and will not be eligible for the 5% paid in full tuition discount.

If you have any questions about or during the process please feel free to contact our Grant Committee.