About Our Church

We area Christian fellowship that believes that God has done something incredible for us: He brought us back into a relationship with Himself through what Jesus has done. Because of His love for us, Jesus paid the price for our failure to do God’s will perfectly. By faith in Jesus we receive forgiveness and a renewed relationship with God so that we might live each day with Him as our Heavenly Father.

Our Vision

A fellowship enthusiastically talking about Jesus with people who don’t believe, resulting in multiple baptisms every year in the tri-city area and in targeted outposts where the gospel is not widely proclaimed.

Our Purposes

We seek to accomplish five different purposes as a Christian fellowship:

To grow in our knowledge of God, his will for our lives, and his great promises to us.

To worship God.
To bring God’s love and message of Christ to people who do not yet know or believe.
To help those in need.
To care for each other as God cares for us.

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