Learner Outcomes

A Christ-Centered Foundation

Understand they are children of God and know Christ as their Savior
Love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength
Worship God as the Creator of all
Grow in God’s Word
Practice regular and active prayer
Act on Biblical truth, not cultural pressure

Educational Excellence

Seek knowledge
Think critically and creatively
Approach challenges with previously learned concepts and strategies
Demonstrate knowledge and appreciation for fine arts
Meet and exceed grade level standards and expectations
Integrate various technology into daily learning and communicating
Engage in activities to grow the mind and body

Christ-like Citizenship

Show devotion to Christ through words and actions
Spread His kingdom as an active citizen in the Tri-City community and the world
Show care and compassion for peers, school mates, and those in need in our community, country, and the world
Use gifts and abilities to share the love of Christ with a hurting world